• LX350 Hotline Auto Dialer
    The LX350 Hotline auto dialer will automatically dial a pre-programmed when ever the associated telephone goes off hook. The unit is telephone line powered and requires no batteries or external supply. The LX350 comes in two different case styles.
  • PC Grabber Dtmf Modem
    The PC Grabber™ is for software developers looking for a way to incorporate dtmf decoding and dtmf encoding into their software application. The PC Grabber™ has been used in many applications including health monitoring, gas and power meter reading, hotel wakeup systems and many more. The PC Grabber™ is powered by the serial port and has a modem like command set.
  • LX375 Call Controller
    It can be programmed to automate the call set up process in order to route voice traffic over a service provider's network, providing the customer with transparent access to long distance service. Several password protected programming methods are available including remote or on-site programming via touch tone telephone. This unit is similar to the Mitel Smart 1 auto dialer, but much smaller
  • LX210 Push Button Dialer
    Simply connect the LX210 Dialer Dialer to an analog phone line or station port, push the White button, and it dials the pre-programmed phone number. Mount the LX210 Dialer in plain sight, or mount it under a desk. Use it to dial into a pager service, cell phone etc.
  • LX320 Flash Hook Generator
    A great device for phones without a flash key or no buttons left to program as a flash key. Put it on an Automated Attendant and allow it to do a Centrex flash right on the CO line, to transfer calls off premise. Put it on a cordless phone with no flash key. It will always flash the line for the pre-programmed time when it hears the pre-programmed trigger code.
  • LX350 Mini Hotline Auto Dialer
    The LX351 Hotline auto dialer is similar to the LX350 Hotline dialer but is a much smaller unit for fitting into tight places. It can easily fit inside a desktop Telephone or elevator telephone. Great for taxi service telephone or money transmitter service telephones
  • LX380 Alarm Bouncer™
    Switch customers to your alarm monitoring service without having to switch or re-program their existing alarm system. Once the Alarm Bouncer™ is installed alarm calls will be re-routed to your monitoring service. No external power or battery is required, unit is completely powered from the telephone line. Alarm Bouncer™ is a low cost solution for your alarm monitoring business.
  • Dialer Buddy™ Dtmf Decoder
    The Dialer Buddy™ makes an excellent addition to the telephone technicians tool box. Use it for dtmf and pulse digit verification. Test auto dialers and speed dialers,direct inward dial lines,phone systems,voice mail and alarm systems.
  • LX368 100 Number Speed Dialer
    Use the 100 Number Speed Dialer with any telephone with a dial. When you dial *00 through *99, it will dial the number you previously programmed.
At Telongo we design and manufacture unique telecom products. We offer many types of auto dialers, hotline dialers, toll restrictors,Speed dialers,dtmf decoders, dtmf modems and hotline dial telephones. We also have a variety of custom plastic enclosures that are geared toward the telecom market. We pride ourselve on suppying the best product and support for our very valued customers.